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Make It Fast ~ 24 - 72hr Rush Processing & Priority Shipping

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Jump the line by adding the make it fast listing to your order.

All items are handmade to order as they are ordered unless otherwise marked.

Purchase this listing if you would like to expedite the creation of your purchase for whatever reason (birthday, moving, vacation, photoshoot, wedding etc).

There will only be a few of these listed each week so as not to interfere with or further delay orders that have already been waiting for some time.

Your order  will be completed within 24 to 72 business hours after purchase and includes an upgrade to USPS priority shipping for domestic purchases, this does not apply to international packages however the item will still be made and shipped out within 72 business hours for international orders as well.

Please keep in mind that I am not responsible for ANY USPS delays. This listing simply ensures that I will make and have your waist beads shipped out within 72 business hours of purchase. If purchased on a Friday 72 business hours do not include weekends, though generally I will still make the beads over the weekend they will however not be shipped until the next business day the post office is open. If you are purchasing more than 5 waist beads I cannot expedite your order so please do not purchase this as I will refund it.

Also please select the correct amount of beads, as selecting the wrong amount will delay your package.

Sizing Instructions

In order to get the most accurate measurement, measure your waist when you are not bloated or measure on an empty stomach.

Take a tape measure and wrap it around the exact area you would like for your waist beads to fall. Ensure that the tape measure is not drooping in the back but even at the same level all around.

Keep your belly in its relaxed and natural posture (i.e. do not suck in your belly unless it is your natural posture nor intentionally extend it unless that is your natural posture.)

The tape measure should not make an imprint into your skin, if it does you are wrapping it too tightly and that will result in waist beads that are too tight.

Once you take your reading, if you find that you are between two inches feel free to request your beads to be made a half inch bigger than the size you selected example 30.5" instead of 30" or 31". If you would rather them be made to a whole number you may round the measurement up to the next inch.

Keep in mind that when you experience bloating your beads will roll up, so you preferably want to measure in an area that gives your beads space to move up when things get too tight.

My personal favorite area to wear my beads is under my belly button. I find this area to be the most comfortable and the least impacted by my bloating, however this may be different for different bodies.

Your beads will, by default, include a 2" extension chain. This means that whatever size you select you will be able to adjust your beads up to 2" bigger. I've added this as both a safety (in case you order too small) as well as a way to keep your beads comfortable as your belly fluctuates (from eating, hormones, etc.)

If you need additional help with measuring or selecting the create size please do not hesitate to reach out using the "Contact Us" form or the little chat bubble on the bottom right, I always try to respond quickly. 🧡

Processing Time

All items purchased are handmade with care, intention & LOTS of LOVE ♡ For this reason you can expect your order to ship within 5-15 business days. If you need them as fast as possible message us for info regarding our expedited processing service or add the listing "Make it Fast" to your cart. Found here: