A little bit about me, the creator ♡



My name is Anita and I am the owner, designer and creator behind The Bee Stop ♡

I have always been a creative and have always loved working with my hands, tying together random elements to create art out of chaos. It is my meditation and brings me great joy when I create something meaningful and special for others.

The Bee Stop ties in my love for creation along with my deep desire to uplift and inspire women to heal, love themselves and most importantly step into their magic.

Being able to take the energy from crystals, the earth elements (of glass, stone, wood and shell), colors, textures, shapes and number synchronicities, to create powerful energy tools for women to wrap around their womb, is such a rewarding and fulfilling way for me to create my legacy on this planet.

With all of that said, I truly hope that you find something that speaks to your soul here in my shop. It is my intention that from my creations you are able to cultivate more love for the powerful goddess that you are.