How should I measure myself for waist beads?

When measuring your self for waist beads the first thing you want to ask yourself is, where along your waist / above your hips do you want your beads to sit? The most popular location for waist beads, is just under the navel. To get an accurate measurement you'll need a flexible measuring tap or a string. It is best to do this before eating or when you are not bloated. Keep your midsection relaxed (i.e No holding it in) and gently place the measuring tap around where you want your beads to sit, until the two ends meet. Put your finger nail at the exact point the two ends meet and unwrap the measuring tape to read your results. That is your measurement.

What if I experience weight fluctuations or bloating frequently?

All beads purchased from my shop come with a 2" extension piece which will allow you to adjust your beads bigger if need be. I also have a listing to buy a removable 4" extender chain in case you would like to adjust them even bigger. If you would like more flexibility with where your beads sit or purchased too small and need a little extra wiggle room add a removable chain to your order. If you are purchasing multiple waist beads but generally only wear one waist bead at a time, you can add only one chain to your order and use that chain to interchange between different beads.

Can I bathe with my waist beads on?

In order to keep the integrity of the beads (luster, color etc.) it is best to avoid putting soap and oils onto the beads. Continued exposure will cause certain glass beads to lose color or their luster. I spray all waist beads before sending them out with an acrylic spray to help lock in the color during exposure to water and UV rays but even that may wear off with continued exposure to soap. So it is best to avoid when possible.

Also be mindful they are strung on nylon coated stainless steel beading wire. While this wire is rust resistant it is still a metal and metals do experience some deterioration with continuous exposure to water.

Sizing details

I have the sizes listed as whole inches, however if you would like a half inch increment please select the corresponding whole inch and leave a note when you place your order requesting me to add 1/2 inch. If you forget to message me with your order please message me as soon as you can, changes can be made up until I begin making your beads.| EXAMPLE : Your measurement is 31.5". please select 31" and leave a note asking to add .5 or 1/2 an inch to that.

What if my size isn't listed?

If you would like a size bigger or smaller than what I currently have listed in my shop please initiate a custom order and let me know which size you would like. I will message you with a quote for that size and create a custom listing for you.

Custom and personalized orders

I currently do not create customs designs, however I am willing to switch out gemstones/ charms or switch out a certain color in a design if I have the gemstone/color/charm requested. I am willing to make tweaks to a design if you have a clear idea of what you would like to see done and are able to articulate it to me.

Returns/ Cancellations

All of my waist beads are made to order in the size requested at the time of purchase. For this reason I cannot offer returns or exchanges on waist bead orders. However if you receive your item and it is the wrong size or damaged due to a fault of mine please contact me as soon as possible and I will find a reasonable solution to the problem. (If the beads are damaged when received please include pictures) If you ordered the wrong size and would like to have adjustments made and you have not yet received your beads and they have not yet shipped please contact me ASAP to make changes. If you have already received your waist beads and ordered the wrong size please see the following question for more details.

Size Adjustments to Already Purchased Waist Beads

If you've purchased waist beads in the wrong size or have lost or gained weight and would like adjustment made please note that you will be responsible for all shipping charges and an adjustment fee. For sizes that are too small within a 0.5"-4" range (and up to 6" if desired) a removable extender chain can be purchased and will allow you to continue to wear your waist beads comfortably. If your waist beads are too big by more than 1" they can be adjusted down. If you are not sure what size to order please message me before you place your order and I will gladly help in the best way I can ♡

Lost Packages & Returned to sender

The Bee Stop is not responsible for lost packages with a confirmed delivery status from the carrier, so you will need to contact the carrier if an item is marked as delivered but you have not received it.

If you've received your tracking number please contact the USPS for any questions regarding tracking.

If your package gets lost prior to being marked delivered please contact me and I will file an insurance claim.

If a package is returned to me, you will be responsible for the cost to ship it back to you. If you notice a return to sender note on your tracking but your package is still showing that it is at your home post office, please go to the post office ASAP as you may be able to stop the return to sender. 

How long will it take for my order to ship ?

All items purchased are handmade with care, intention & LOTS of LOVE ♡ For this reason you can expect your order to ship within 5-15 business days. If you need them as fast as possible message us for info regarding our expedited processing service or add the listing "Make it Fast" to your cart. Found here: https://www.thebeestop.com/products/make-it-fast